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Past Wachsman Group Researchers

Updated October 14, 2016

University of Florida

Graduate Students & Ph.D. Students

  Nicholas Vito, PhD student researcher, 2008-2012

  Byung Wook Lee, PhD student researcher, 2008-2010

  Chan Woo Lee, PhD student researcher, 2008-2010

  Eric Macam, PhD student researcher 2004-2009

  Dong Jo Oh, PhD student researcher, 2003-2009

  Cynthia Kan, Ph.D. student researcher, 2009

  Eric Armstrong, Ph.D. student researcher, 2006-2009

  Dan Gostovic, Ph.D. student researcher, 2005-2009

  Doh Won Jung, Ph.D. student researcher, 2004-2009

  Jianlin Li, Ph.D. student researcher, 2004-2009


Sean Bishop, Ph.D. student researcher, 2004-2009

Dissertation title: Defect equilibria and chemical expansion in undoped and doped ceria and strontium doped lanthanum cobalt iron oxide oxygen conducting materials and their applications in solid-state electrochemical cells.

Placement: Post-doc; Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA


Jinsoo Ahn, Ph.D. student researcher, 2004-2009

Dissertation title: Engineering high performance intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells.

Placement: Scientist; R.I.S.T., S. Korea


Chiara Abate, Ph.D. student researcher, 2006-2008

Dissertation title: Novel ruthenium pyrochlore materials for cathode application in intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells (IT-SOFCs).

Placement: Post-doc; University of Udine, Italy


Tak Keun Oh, Ph.D. student researcher, 2004-2008

Dissertation title: Optimization of Europium Dopant Concentration in Strontium Cerate Mixed Conducting Ceramic Membrane for Maximum Hydrogen Production.

Placement: Post-doc, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA


Aijie Chen, Ph.D. student researcher, 2004-2008

Dissertation title: Effect of cathode microstructure on cathode polarization in sintered strontium-doped lanthanum manganite/yttria stabilized zirconia solid oxide fuel cells.

Placement: Research Engineer; Caterpillar Corp.


Frederick Vanassche, graduate student researcher, 2005

Dissertation title: Heterogeneous Catalytic Evaluation and Adsorption Characterization of the La2CuO4/YSZ/Pt Potentiometric Sensor Couple.

Placement: Engineer; Lockheed Martin, New Orleans, LA


Briggs M. White, Ph.D. student researcher, 2003-2007

Dissertation title: Solid-state potentiometric sensors for nitrogen monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon monoxide.

Placement: Program Mgr; DOE, Maryland


Jeremiah R. Smith, Ph.D. student researcher, 1999-2007

Dissertation title: Evaluation of electrochemical processes occurring in the cathodic reaction of SOFCs.

Placement: Patent Examiner; U.S. Patent Office, Washington, D.C.


Yanli Wang, Ph.D. student researcher, 2003-2006

Dissertation title: Effect of reduction treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of fluorite oxides.

Placement: Scientist; ORNL, Oak Ridge, TN


Guojing Zhang, Ph.D. student researcher, 2000-2005

Dissertation title: Synthesis and characterization of a new proton conducting material and its use as hydrogen seperation membrane.

Placement: Post-doc; LBNL, Berkeley, CA


James M. Rhodes, Ph.D. student researcher, 1994-2005

Dissertation title: Effect of B-Site europium doping on the hydrogen transport properties of barium cerate.

Placement: Engineer; Intel, Oregon


Jun-Young Park, Ph.D. student researcher, 2001-2004

Dissertation title: Solid-state electrochemical properties of oxygen-ion conducting ceramic materials and their applications.

Placement: Asst. Professor; Sejong University, S. Korea

  Francesco Basoli, graduate student researcher, 2008-2009

  Karran Woan, graduate student researcher, 2005-2006

  Ching-Tang Hu, graduate student researcher, 2002-2004

  Regina T. Thai, graduate student researcher, 2002-2004

  Ruchita Dagadu Bagul, graduate student researcher, 2001-2004

  Su Ho Jung, graduate student researcher, 1999-2001

  Sri Ranga Sai Boyapati, graduate student researcher, 1998-2000

  Balaji Krishnamurthy, graduate student researcher, 1998-2000

  Terry Lee Clites, graduate student researcher, 1997-1999

  Katarzyna Hasinska, graduate student researcher, 1997-1999

Past Researchers - University of Maryland, College Park