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Past Wachsman Group Researchers

Updated November 18, 2016

University of Maryland, College Park

Post-Doctoral Associates & Research Scientists

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Hee Sung Yoon, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist; 2009-2016

Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, Korea University, South Korea

Research Interests: Solid oxide fuel cell, Solid state gas sensors, Gas separation membranes; Low temperature SOFC materials, processes, and integration for commercialization; SOFC Stack components, integration and design for reliability

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Yang Wen, Ph.D., Research Associate; -2016

B.S. in Materials Chemistry, Harbin Institute of Technology, China 2008
M.S. in Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Maryland, 2011
Ph.D. in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, University of Maryland, 2014

Research Interests: Yang’s research focuses on developing materials and devices for energy conversion and storage applications. Her PhD work was about carbon composites for advanced lithium-ion batteries and sodium-ion batteries, which included material design and synthesis, characterizations and electrochemical analysis on various battery systems.
On-going Research: Fabrication of garnet-type solid electrolyte. Development of all-solid-state Li-ion battery, including anode and cathode material investigation, interfacial impedance study, cell assembly and electrochemical performance evaluation.

  Shobit Omar, Senior Research Scientist; 2015-2016

  Taesup Song, Visiting Research Scientist; 2013-2014

  V. Thangadurai, Ph.D.; Senior Research Scientist; 2012-2013


Sun-Ju Song, Ph.D., Research Associate; 2011-2012

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Kang Taek Lee, Ph.D., Research Associate; 2010-2013

B. S. Ceramic Engineering, Yonsei University, Korea.
M. S. Materials Science and Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST), Korea.
Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, University of Florida

Research : Solid Oxide Fuel Cell, Solid State Battery


Bryan Blackburn, Ph. D., Senior Research Scientist, 2010-2011

Bryan began working in the Wachsman research lab as a graduate student in 2005, completing his PhD in 2009 and returning as a post-doctoral researcher from 2010-2011.
Bryan is now a senior engineer at Redox Power Systems.

  Moon-Bong Choi, Ph.D., Research Associate; 2011

  Keith Duncan, Ph.D., Research Associate; 2009

  Matthew A. Camaratta, Ph.D., Research Associate; 2009

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Sang-yun Jeon, Ph.D., Research Associate

B.S. Material Science and Engineering, Chonnam National University, South Korea, 2009
M.S. Material Science and Engineering, Chonnam National University, South Korea, 2011
Ph.D. Material Science and Engineering, Chonnam National University, South Korea, 2015

Research Interests: Thermodynamic and Kinetic properties of oxides as electrochemical devices, Gas (Hydrogen, Oxygen) Separation & Production Membrane, Solid Oxide Cells (SOFC, PCFC, SOEC, Co-EC), Solid Electrolyte for Secondary Battery
Ongoing Research: Development of new Bi2O3 electrolyte composition as Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

Graduate Students/ Ph.D. Students

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Gregory Hitz, Ph.D. student researcher, -2016

Greg graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering and chose to return as a PhD candidate in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. In Greg's graduate research, he led a new thrust in the Wachsman lab focusing on developing a solid state sodium-ion battery. Solid state sodium-ion batteries present a high performance, low cost, and geopolitically neutral alternative to lithium-ion batteries.

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Ke-Ji Pan, PhD student researcher, 2010-2016

Ke-Ji completed his Ph.D in the Department of Chemical Engineering in 2016. He worked in Dr. Eric Wachsman's lab from 2010-2016. His research interests include proton conductors, membrane reactor and SOFC anode materials.

B.S. Chemical Engineering, Southeast University, P.R.China, 2008
M.Eng. Chemical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, 2010

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Xuan Liang, PhD student researcher, -2016

Xuan was a graduate student in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at UMD, graduating in 2016. Xuan focused on the membrane separation of hydrogen using ceramic membrane reactors. Her project enhanced the electronic conductivity of the mixed ionic-electronic conductors.

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Ashley L. Ruth, Ph.D. student researcher, -2015

Ashley completed her Ph.D. in 2015, she studied new cathode and electrolyte materials for solid oxide fuel cells with the goal of improving ionic conductivity at lower temperatures. As a SMART Scholar, spent her summers working with the Army Power Division at Aberdeen Proving Grounds focusing on energy solutions for our soldiers.

B.S. University of Maryland
Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, University of Maryland, 2015

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Chunyan Xiong, Research Associate; 2015

In 2015, Chunyan Xiong was a visiting Ph.D student from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China.

Research interests:
Mechanism of SOFC cathode degradation at different working conditions
Interconnect material for SOFC
Improvement of anti-chromium poisoning cathode material for SOFC

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Colin Gore, Ph.D. student researcher, -2015

Colin completed his Ph.D. in 2014. His research focused on development of anode materials and architectures that improve the power and longevity of ceria-based solid oxide fuel cells under hydrocarbon fueling, particularly at low temperatures.

B.S. Materials Science and Engineering, Lehigh University, 2009
Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, University of Maryland, 2014

  Nicholas Vito, PhD student researcher, 2008-2012

  Byung Wook Lee, PhD student researcher, 2008-2010

  Chan Woo Lee, PhD student researcher, 2008-2010

  Eric Macam, PhD student researcher 2004-2009

  Dong Jo Oh, PhD student researcher, 2003-2009

Undergraduate Students

  Joseph Choi, student researcher 2016

  Lufthe Siddique, student researcher 2016

  Luke Bittner, student researcher 2014

  Katherine Atwater, student researcher 2013-2014

  Mallory Clites, student researcher 2013-2014

  Harmanpreet Singh, student researcher 2013-2014

  Tejas Deveraj, student researcher 2012-2014

  Luis Correa, student researcher 2012-2013

  Benjamin Lee, student researcher 2012-2013

  Matt Reiley, student researcher 2012-2013

  Josh White, student researcher 2012-2013

  Elias Yazdenshenas, student researcher 2012-2013

  Eric Chen, student researcher 2010-2011

  Eric Feldman, student researcher 2010-2011

  Meron Tesfaye, student researcher 2010-2011

  Teresa Wierzbicki, student researcher 2009-2010

Past Researchers - University of Florida